Travertine, similar to marble and granite is a naturally beautiful stone that is formed over years of accumulation of minerals under intense pressure & heat. This is a natural mineral that is made when the minerals dissolved under water leave behind sediments on the outskirts of beaches.

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Because travertine countertops is a natural stone, there is a big variety of deigns, colors and shades in which it is formed, e.g. walnut, cream, gold, beige & ivory etc. Most of the colors and designs are formed naturally over time by the mixing of impurities and iron components. The excellent aesthetic is very commonly used for the decoration of walls and floors.

The excellent visual appeal of travertine is entirely dependent upon the way it has been polished or treated to give shine and outclass strength. There are basically 4 types of finishes in which travertine come in. these are:

  • Shiny
  • Matte
  • Tumbled
  • Brushed

The tumbled travertine countertops are a textured & surfaced material that does not reflect light, making it a dull type of aesthetic look. When the tiles are polished, they shine in a way that is unmatched by any other shine. Tumbled travertine is the most common form of stones available. In the day to day construction the matte finishing of travertine slides is highly preferred. As mentioned earlier, travertine tiles come in various designs and colors that make them a highly preferred choice of installation.

Even though travertine countertops are very attractive, yet they are very reactive with any acidic liquid or chemical because they are made from natural chemicals. Orange juice, lemon juice, lime juice and vinegar are all highly reactive to the travertine countertops. As a result you have to be very careful of any spillovers of drinks that can instantly damage the color and aesthetic appeal of the tiles. A big factor to look for the travertine countertops is to know where to install this. Make sure to install the travertine countertops only on those areas where highly acidic nature of chemicals and substances cannot damage it.

Travertine is a very popular and decades old natural stone used for various decoration purposes. Walls made of bricks and concrete are the two best options where travertine can be sued easily. Many a times travertine is also installed one the pavements of sidewalks. Travertine is a solid and naturally appealing stone that has good visual appeal to eyes. If travertine countertops are used, it would give natural looks of marble.

All you need to do is to take care of them and have maintenance for them. This way you would not end up in getting them cracked. Don’t use light colors like cream or beige as they may get easily stained over the passage of time. Travertine countertops are ideal choice for those who are not using it for cooking purposes. Because travertine is a natural stone, there are chances of having variations in shades and designs of it.


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