Granite is not only the sturdiest material available to be used in the countertops, but also the costliest one starting from $59.99 and all the way up. Even the cheapest form of granite is expensive as compared to other options for countertops.

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Even though the addition of granite countertops remains a costly decision, yet it is a preferred choice among many interior designers and house owners. The appealing looks of granite countertops is unmatched by any other countertop. As a result it is a highly preferred option among many people.

What makes granite countertops more expensive is due to the fact that their labor costs are higher than other countertops. For those people who are not expert in home improvement tasks or lack the technical expertise of installing granite countertops, need to get it installed by expert labor that would obviously charge you with the installation costs. The expert can easily install granite countertops. Prior to installing the granite countertops, the previous countertops should be carefully and completely removed. The remaining job should be left to the experts.

When you have ordered your favorite granite countertops, a representative of the company would come to your place and measure the entire area of the countertops. Along with that, the expert would even guide and assist you in much better ways of finding and installing the best type of granite countertops. There are going to be seams within the granite slabs but certainly if installed by a professional, they would look professional. It is not sure that whether there are going to be any special tools required for the installation but that all depends upon the time and place of installation.

Plywood & metal rods are to be used underneath the sink to provide for extra strength and support. This is a very important process because this way the granite slabs get protected from breaking while you are installing them. The thicker granite slab is, the better is the installation.

Make sure that the installation of granite countertops is leveled as there need not to be any uneven bumps or on top of it. Be careful during the installation, you need to ask your expert company to install them by themselves. This would ensure that even if any grantee slab gets cracked during the installation, you would not be liable for its damage as the company would get it replaced free of cost for you.

The granite slabs are cut precisely with sharp diamond tipped blades. As a result proper measurement and size of the slabs is very important for your granite countertops. The seams can be covered easily with fillers that are used in a professional way to join the entire slabs. The skills, expertise and knowledge required for the installation of these countertops require the use of labor to do it for you. Do not try to do them by yourself as these slabs are vey heavy and they might hurt or injure you if they crack during the installation process.


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