Clay and silt are the sediments that make slate and the slate countertops are very beautiful and attractive. When pressure & heat are exerted upon the clay, it gets transformed into quartz, which in turn transforms into slates.

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Slates differ in their durability and beauty due to the difference in chemical composition of them. The natural procedure of slate has made it an excellent choice among people to be used for their countertops. It is a highly natural element that is renowned for its extra strength and out class durability.

Slate countertops can add to the elegance and beauty of kitchen which is unmatched by other countertops. Slate has natural durability and strength resembling to that of granite, which needs consistent care and maintenance without which it can really get disturbed.

Majority of people link the usage of slate with walkways and rooftops, not realizing that it can be equally good choice for countertops, especially slate countertops because these countertops have a low rate of absorption. This translates to the fact that the slate countertops are much more bacteria and dust resistant as compared to other countertops.

Many experts that are professional in interior designing and countertop designing prefer slate over granite or marble due to the fact that slate provides ease of use in getting it installed. The slate countertops are virtually bacteria free or bacteria resistant.
you can be rest assured about your choice after selecting slate countertops that this is virtually a better choice than the other countertops.

Slate countertops are accessible in dark colors but also exist in various shades of green, blue and red etc. Slate is a naturally rare mineral formed over the composition and accumulation of silica and clay over hundreds of years. The end result; a fine and hard quality of material used for kitchen countertops. Slate is a fine piece of natural stone that is used for excellent beauty and elegance. Grey color, red color and other colors are used for the manufacturing of slate countertops. Although it isn’t as hard as granite, but its properties are not less than that of granite too. You need to install it carefully taking into account various factors like measurements and sizes so that you may enjoy it for your kitchen. Slate countertops are easy to maintain and clean and require no hassle in order to do so.

One of the biggest features of slate countertops is that they are resistant to heat, moisture and dust, making them a perfect choice for anybody. However in order to maintain their shine, they should be regularly polished. For all of your kitchen needs, these countertops perfectly fit e.g. veggie cutting, onions, meat, poultry and beef.

Usually these slate countertops are available in matt finishing, but with polish and shine, there can be a lot of shine that could be brought in them. Various styles, colors and designs are available from the slate countertops. The choice in the end is really yours.


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